Commercial Buildings

General Liability Insurance

All businesses need to insure against risks such as fire, theft, natural disaster, legal liability, automobile accidents, and the death or disability of key employees. Whether you own a business or manage one, Abbey Insurance Services of Augusta will help you find general liability insurance at affordable rates. Our knowledgeable staff of professionals can help you get started, so call now to get your free quote.

Warehouse Workers

Risk Protection

Commercial property insurance is designed to protect you against the various risks and exposures of owning or managing any type of enterprise. Otherwise, you might have to dip into your business' capital to cover damage or liability costs. We will sell you policies for commercial auto and workers' compensation insurance in addition to general liability. With our help, you will be protected against unforeseen losses such as:

  • Lawsuits
  • Employee Injuries
  • Business Interruption
  • Death


Commercial coverage gives you peace of mind instead of having to worry about liabilities that may occur. Additionally, the premiums you pay for many types of insurance are considered tax-deductible business expenses.